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About Us

Founded in 1911, Shinobu kindergarten will celebrate its 112th anniversary in 2023, and has maintained its tradition until today.
Our goal is to support children and parents in the warmest and most familiar environment, and offer an ideal education that helps children realize their dreams and lead the future.

To non-Japanese parents

At Shinobu, children with multinational backgrounds spend time together and learn Japanese by playing together. Parents who lived abroad can also facilitate communication: it’s an ideal opportunity if you wish your child to grow up in an environment where they can learn about Japanese culture.
We also offer “French for kids” classes by a native French teacher to let children familiarise themselves with different cultures through songs, books, and other topics of interest.


Please feel free to contact us at any time to schedule a visit and interview.

Application forms800¥
Admission fee130,000 ¥
* There was subsidy of 60,000 ¥ from Meguro ward in 2022
Monthly fee41,000¥
* Meguro ward residents can benefit from a subsidy of 37,500Y, bringing down the actual monthly fee to 3,500Y.

Admissions during the school year

Please contact us anytime for admissions during the school year.

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